2018 Gaming Chair Buyers Guide

Choosing the Right Chair for Gaming is Important…but why?

Over the last couple of years, e-sports has grown into a multimillion dollar industry and consistently draws crowds of thousands around the world. With the increase in popularity has come an influx of cash and, inevitably, companies vying for their piece of the action. Controllers, headsets, monitors, and other accessories have flourished, but gaming chairs in particular have seen a massive surge in popularity. They have grown so popular in fact, that they are being used in the pro-gaming scene, at home, and even replacing conventional office chairs. With their market value continuing to climb, gaming chair companies are quickly innovating, trying to one-up each other and come out with most comfortable (and health conscious) designs possible. This has led to a market where the options to choose from are nearly endless, and where buyers can quickly become confused about what would be best for their needs. In this guide, we will discuss some important factors when it comes to choosing the right gaming chair for you!

Comfort Vs. Price

In the gaming world, players can be sitting for up to 18 hours or more, which means their chair has to be the best quality possible. Having a bad chair and sitting for that long can wreak havoc on your back and neck, and can cause a lot of issues down the line. Fortunately, gaming chair companies have taken this problem into consideration, and are constantly working to build chairs that offer support to crucial areas of your body, which will help you game for longer and stay comfortable the whole time. One company in particular (DXRacer) make each of their models with built in lumbar support, which helps gamers maintain a good posture and avoid soreness and back pain (read more about DXRacer chairs at DXRacerReviews.com). While many pro players use these chairs, their price points are generally something the average gamer will have to take into close consideration. They can often cost a couple hundred dollars, and if you are not an avid gamer, you may wonder if the cost is worth the reward. In our opinion, saving yourself from back problems and having a chair that will last outweigh having to shell out some cash.

What do the Pros Use?

Pro gamers and YouTube streamers use a variety of different chair brands, but a few of the most commonly used are: DXRacer, Homall, and AK Racing. They all make appearances on YouTube stream, console and PC gaming tournaments, and in the homes of casual gamers from around the globe.

While going by the pros preferences is a good start, we recommend researching the different types of chairs on the market and determining for yourself what you think the best option for your individual needs is.

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